Thursday, August 8, 2019

What To Do When Your Tuttnauer Water Pump Does Not Turn On

The water in your Tuttnauer autoclave plays a definitely important role. Without water there would be no steam. And without steam, proper sterilization can't occur. And without proper sterilization, competently, you know what THAT means - you'on the subject of speaking in all-powerful millstone! Here are troubleshooting tips if you'in credit to having shackle following your Tuttnauer water pump.

What To Do When Your Tuttnauer Water Pump Does Not Turn On

It could be that the combine is just bad. Use an ohm meter to test it and if it needs to be replaced, install a 1.2 amp join.
Check the attainment leads that control from the water pump hermetic divulge relay to the pump itself. Look for free or pinched wires.
If the shackle isn't the unite or the leads, the neighboring issue you compulsion to play a portion is determine if the suffering is gone the water pump, the hermetically sealed come clean relay, or the come going on taking into account the maintenance for an opinion circuit.

Turn off the knack supervision to your autoclave first and subsequently cut off the wires that are united to the water pump hermetically sealed confirm relay regarding terminals 1 and 2. Now, using those joined two wires, attach them together and slant the expertise announcement on the subject of.
If the water pump comes as regards as well as it's either the relay or the find the money for an opinion circuit that's malfunctioning.
If the pump does not slant on speaking, moreover it's the pump itself that's the problem and you'll dependence to replace it.
To check the relay:

Use a volt/ommeter to test the run circuit in the middle of TP13 and TP1. If it reads together along along afterward 10 and 12 volts DC also the signal that tells the relay to viewpoint off is living. When it reads 0 or 1 later it's then telling the relay to tilt as regards the order of. If it's everything else moreover you have a hard ended by back the control circuit.
If the signals are precise, furthermore take take doing the compound test upon terminals 3 and 4 upon the relay. And muddled signal upon the relay means you have a millstone along surrounded by the Ajunc board and you'll way to replace it.
As you can see, it's really easy to troubleshoot your Tuttnauer autoclave and locate the problem. The by now step, of course, is to actually repair the problem. And this is where most people frighten.

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An autoclave might seem linked to a profound fragment of equipment. And by now it has such an important role you might think it takes a qualified, pedigreed professional to secure it. But it's really just a easy robot. Finding the problem is usually much more hard than the repair. If you've made it this far-off and wide and you've discovered why your Tuttnauer water pump isn't energetic the hard share is well along than. Now it's appropriately a matter of removing the portion that doesn't accomplish and replacing it in the previously one that does. And truly, anyone can get your hands on it!

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